Through the Woods

The property has more than 124 acres of mixed hard and softwood of varying maturity. The topography of the land is ideal for hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing,  snowmobiling, bird-watching, nature photography, and hunting. Wildlife abounds throughout and offers regular sightings from the house and barn.

The allure of the woodlots changes with the seasons, with autumn turning the treetops into a natural work of art.

Autumn Color in the Direction of Lake Seymour
Another View to the South

The property has a history of sugaring in the days of sap buckets and horse-driven sleighs. Although the old sugar house has fallen into ruin, it is a treasured reminder of the wood’s productivity. The main plot has a maple stand with the potential to support 3,000 taps, enough for a hobby sugar maker.

Old Sugar House

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