In the Fields

The home is surrounded by approximately 75 acres of hay fields. They are both relatively flat and highly productive, despite our avoidance of artificial fertilizers – a decision we made to maintain the land ready to become organically certified. The hay yield could be increased with the use of such fertilizers. Other crops could be grown as well. Nearby dairy farms seeking feed for their cows contract with us annually.  

Perfect row line-up
View of Hay Fields & Green Mountains
View of Hay Fields & Lake Seymour

But fields are about more than farming. Although they can yield hay for harvesting or offer forage to grazing livestock, they can provide pastures for horses, habitat for wildlife, space for the creation of ponds, or at their purest, envelop a home and yard in calming, rolling green.


Hay Field & Green Mountains from Driveway

Within the fields, there is a small farm pond. It is the seasonal home of a family of wood frogs who serenade us nightly during the summer. There are also several springs on the property.

Farm Pond

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