Around Town

Morgan is a quaint New England town of about 700 full-time residents. Located in the region known as the Northeast Kingdom, it is so named for its unspoiled, varied terrain and abundant wildlife.

Morgan church at the center of town
The Town Center of Morgan in the Wintertime

Typical of other small towns dotting Orleans county, Morgan’s center boasts a Town Clerk Office and a colonial Meeting House!

Town Clerk Office & Meeting House

It also has a welcoming community church, and a general store which houses a U.S. post office.

Community Church & General Store (Lake Seymour is in the background)

However, Morgan is especially well known for Lake Seymour, one of Vermont’s largest freshwater lakes. Swimming, boating and fishing are behind the influx of summer residents and tourists, as well as locals. In winter, the ice is like its own community – covered with ice shanties and fishermen from near and far. The lake can be seen from your backyard!

Small-town life has a different rhythm. Although in recent years mailbox delivery has become an option, we continue to pick up our mail at the general store, with its old-time feel, and catch up on the latest goings-on. There is nothing like going there in the early morning to the smell of freshly-brewed coffee, grabbing a homemade raised donut (great dipped in maple syrup, by the way), reading the morning paper and chatting with friends. Dirt roads make up over 50 percent of the roadways in the state, but our home is only about one mile from the black-topped roads of Morgan’s center and another ten minutes to the lake’s boat launch.

Ten miles away are the shopping districts of larger towns Derby and Newport. There are three major grocery stores, in addition to numerous independent retailers long recognized for customer service. And, if you like, you can even visit another country – the Canadian border is less than 15 miles away.  Montreal, Canada and Burlington, Vermont are each a little over a two-hour drive.

There is something here for everyone. Common activities include art exhibits, music performances, cultural events, and seasonal festivals advertised by the local newspapers, radio and cable television stations. Not only is Vermont known for its skiing, but for its hiking and mountain biking – travel to nearby Burke Mountain and Jay Peak Resort are a one tank trip! Local and state parks are popular throughout the seasons. Oh, by the way we forgot to mention the most colorful season of all, Fall, where every new day offers a new color show – something that can’t be missed! If you stay out late at night, you just might catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

There is also a growing foodie culture here. Long known for its traditional dairy farms, innovators and entrepreneurs in the area have expanded standard fare to include fresh or aged cow, goat and sheep cheeses, yogurt, farm-to-table produce, condiments, jams, baked goods, cider, beer and more. Organic products are gaining in popularity, too.  Maple syrup producers are continually launching new uses for the area’s “liquid gold” – maple-covered nuts, maple cotton candy, maple ice cream topping, maple-based salad dressing…one can never have enough maple syrup. Maple-crusted bacon is our brother-in-law’s favorite…we have sworn not to tell his cardiologist!

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