About the Views

The topography of the Northeast Kingdom offers long views. Although woods and pastures intersect, the Green Mountains rise up to offer unparalleled scenic vistas.  When we toured the state in the hopes of finding our ideal site, we visited many charming locales, but none compare to the lake town of Morgan. Its rolling, forested landscape is evidence of ample meadows that supported the state’s prominence in sheep farming over a century ago. Now, pockets of pasture and crop fields attest to the area’s continued farming commitment.

Our property is not simply another farm surrounded by the majesties of undeveloped nature. Sitting atop one of the higher points in Morgan, it offers two remarkable and unspoiled views from the home: Lake Seymour to the south…

View of Lake Seymour from the Kitchen

…and the Green Mountains to the north, where Jay Peak can be spotted. Two hay fields belonging to the farm lie across the road and protect these long views.

View of Green Mountains from the Dining Room

Our house intentionally has many windows. We find ourselves constantly looking out at Mother Nature’s artwork and are awestruck daily. The panorama, in our experience, is just as stirring in the morning as it is calming in the evening. The sunrise over Lake Seymour is magical…

…especially on those chilly mornings when fog rolls over the still water.

Morning Fog Over Lake Seymour

But, sunsets over the mountains are absolutely spectacular and fitting.


Located on appropriately-named Sunset Drive, locals and tourists alike have captured unforgettable photographs of the glowing ambers and reds of the sun taking its repose. How lucky we are to enjoy such beauty on a daily basis!

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